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What we do:

Party smashing DJ sets

Veteran night club DJ Kenny, aka "K-Train" mixes all your favourite party jams and guest's requests. Includes pro sound and ambient lighting.

Digital Photo Booth service


Add some glam to your next event with our Digital Photo Booth service. Open air style booth can take photos, GIF's, boomerangs and videos. Images can then be shared via SMS, email or Airdrop. Prints 2x6 photo strips with beautiful custom templates.  Choose from one of our 6 premium backdrops.

Dinner music service


Includes soundman to run background music and mic levels during dinner & speeches.

Outdoor ceremony sound service

Includes music, wireless clip on mics and a battery powered PA. Ideal system for outdoor locations with no electricity such as Pyramid Lake & Athabasca day use area. 

Client experience

  • Music requests made easy. Clients are welcome to email us playlist links from Spotify, Tidal & Apple Music.

  • No beginner DJ's here. Veteran nightclub DJ Kenny performs at every event.

  • We only do one event per day to insure clients receive our undivided attention.  

Mixing well is important

On beat and in time. Smooth quick song transitions will help create energy and keep the dance floor busy.  Click on the video and hear the difference.

Visual Aesthetics

Coloured vinyl, ambient lighting & decorative table lamps give our DJ table an original & photogenic look. 

Ambient Lighting

Lighting control software runs in sync with the DJ software creating cool chase and fade sequences in time to the music. 

The art of DJing

We take great pride in combining the old school art of DJing with the latest technology.  Click on the video to see sound, lighting, tech & talent all come together.

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